Sliding snow shoes OAC XCD BC 160 + EA 2.0 bindings

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The XCD BC is a fur-bottomed ski from the OAC collection, which combines the descent characteristics of the XCD and the stability and load-bearing capacity of a sliding snowshoe. In terms of its performance and versatility, the XCD BC 160 is positioned directly between the XCD GT and the KAR. Designed on the basis of the XCD GT ski, the BC is a wider model with a stiffer leg. The riser hair area is also larger. All these features together make it the most versatile touring type ski in the collection.

The exceptionally versatile XCD ski is designed especially for hilly terrain and fells, where the terrain and snow conditions vary. Ideal for larger XCD skiers and hikers who carry heavy backpacks or packs.

OAC Braid box fiber structure

Compressive strength and elastic core

Patented OAC Unicoat sole

Integrated high-quality rise hair from a Mohair blend

In the binding area, grooved aluminum binding plates and fiberglass reinforcement

Steel frames

OAC EA 2.0 bindings

EA 2.0 is a revised version of OAC's easy-to-use EA reference book. Functionally, the binding is largely the same as its predecessor, but with the improvements and changes made, the binding works even better. The white signature color and updated design give the tie a new look.

Base part and spring: The adjustment lever of the base part has been improved so that the new lever covers the spring in motion, which prevents snow from accumulating in the binding. The thickness of the base part has been increased in order to obtain more spring force. The new rubber spring is also easier to replace than before.

Straps: The new toe strap gives better lateral support, while the ankle strap is more flexible and shapes to fit the foot better. The latest plastic materials have been used in the straps, which have better frost resistance than before.

Buckles: New types of buckles improve the wearing comfort of the bandage. The new buckles have a different mechanism that prevents the buckle from opening by itself.

Base plate: The size of the ankle straps in the EA 2.0 binding is different from its predecessor, which is why the new base plate is sturdier and provides more support in descents. Otherwise, the adjustments and length of the tie have remained the same.

Suitable for shoes with a sole length of 24-38 cm. Like its predecessor, the bandage is only suitable for shoes with flexible soles that bend from the toe.

Therefore, all parts are made in the EU. Every part is easy to replace with a new one if necessary, because in EA 2.0 no part is riveted on. Fastening is done with screws.


Length: 160 cm

Width: 131-100-122 mm

Weight 1200 g without bandage