Nitro Prime Wiev + Staxx Bindings

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Size: 155 cm

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With Prime you get a lot of board for little money. Prime is an easy-to-lay and forgiving board whose features are sufficient even when your skills accumulate and your hunger for slaying grows.

A light solid wood core with bi-lite lamination guarantees a good landing feel. Flexible urban flex for kicking and snappy Poppi for jumping. Clear, predictable and fun turning radius. Easy-to-lubricate and easy-to-maintain extruded base.

BANDAGE: Staxx is a medium-stiff and tight-fitting bandage. It has a one-piece cast body and contoured straps. Thus, the Hammer highback with angle adjustment of the binding transmits your commands to the board like a thought.

-You can put the toe strap either over the foot or on the tip of the landing shoe, so it squeezes the heel tighter against the bandage.

-Cellular plastic padded base.

-Easy-to-use straps and buckles.