Counter Length (cm) Skis (cm)
130–140 120–130
140–150 130–140
150–160 140–150
160–170 150–160
170–180 160–170
180–190 170–180
More than 190 180–190+


Skis are an important part of skiing equipment, and choosing the right size is essential for good performance and comfort.

Here's a guide to choosing your downhill ski size:

1. Consider your own skill level:

Beginners can benefit from slightly shorter skis that are easier to control. More experienced skiers may choose longer skis, which offer better stability at high speeds and in different conditions.

2. Consider your own height:

Skis are often chosen based on the skier's height. The recommendation is that the skis should reach about below the chin. However, this may vary slightly depending on the skier's preferences and ski type.

3. Consider the type of skis:

- All-mountain skis are well suited to a wide range of conditions and ski skills.

- Carving skis are designed more for tight turns and are well suited for slope use.

- Powder skis are wider and are especially suitable for skiing in deep snow.

4. Choose skis according to your skiing style:

If you prefer fast skiing and jumping, choose skis that are suitable for this purpose. If you prefer more relaxing skiing and long descents, choose skis that offer good balance and stability.

Pay attention to your weight:

Weight affects how the skis sink into the snow. Heavier skiers should consider longer and stiffer skis, while shorter and more flexible skis are suitable for lighter skiers.

Ask an expert:

If you are unsure about the right size or type, ask a ski equipment expert at our rental company for advice. They can help you choose the right skis for your individual needs.